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The difference between Traditional British and American scones:

"British scones are very different from the American scones you’ll find in coffee shops. We’ve done a bunch of scone recipes before, but they’ve all started with this minimal mixing of the fat, which is very much an American biscuit technique. American scones also have a higher ratio of fat-to-flour than British scones do."

"It’s really about the butter...a true British scone is not as buttery. Not because the Brits are nutritious, but because in Britain you don’t put a lot of butter in because you slather butter on it when you eat it! By the same token, you don’t put a lot of sugar in it but you pile jam on top. They’re probably equally injurious to one’s diet but in different, equally lovely ways."

-("The Difference Between British and American Scones: Test Cook Andrea Geary Explains - Cook's Illustrated." Cook's Illustrated. Ed. Cook's Illustrated. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Mar. 2015.

The etiquette for eating a scone is that you cut the scone in half or you break pieces off of the scone and you take enough jam and clotted cream-(thick cream obtained by heating milk slowly and then allowing it to cool while the cream content rises to the top in coagulated lumps.) for the whole scone. It is also important to eat the scone with your fingers and not a fork.

Scones in England are predominantly eaten when afternoon tea is served, but are also eaten at other times as well. And as mentioned before are eaten with jam and clotted cream.

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