A Very Special SNOW Day
by Jessica Carter
Crossroads@meade Computer Science Class
28 January 2015

  On January 27,2015 It was  very snowy day and when it stop snowing me and my friends decided to go outside and play in he snow. First we threw snowballs at each-other. Then we started to think about doing the snow challenge which means go outside and roll in the snow wit nothing on but a shirt and some bottoms.So we DID and we put it on our instagrams.

  Then we saw these lil kids playing and we started to chase them and throw snowballs at them. We threw this snow ball at this one boy and he got really mad and started to cry. Then he started to chase us and when I stopped and turned around he smacked me in the face wit the snow ball. I was mad but then again I had to stop and think I was the one who mad him getting really upset.

  We stayed outside for like 15 more mins. Then we started to get really cold on hungry. I called my mom and ask he to bring us something to eat n drink. While we waited for he we went inside took our wet cloths off and started to warm up . My mom opened the door and gave us some pizza and 4 packs of hot coco. This was the best day.