Having fun with Science!!!!!! 
          BY: Alexia Love

In this poster you will be reading about what I have been learning in Science.

This is the solar system!

We are doing a project on Saturn. Well my group is! Its about our vacation to any planet we decided. We are planning on how to get there from earth and we are going to take a rocket powered car with oxygen.I am in charge of activities so I came up with Water slides  on Saturn's rings. I even have an indoor trampoline and a huge pool.

This is my app resource, You can get it for free on any apple or android device
This is a picture of Saturn!!!

After we finished our project we are presenting them and printing them out. Our group is done we already presented our brochures. We are almost done with this project all we have to do is fill out a piece of paper that asks us some questions.

That was kind of like the one that we made but we didn't have that weird  house thing to live in we had a mansion or a condo to live in!! In this video it shows roller-coasters well we don't  have that we have water slides and other fun activities like trampolines and tennis,basketball,volleyball,soccer,softball, and football fields.

This picture is kind of what our rocket powered car that we are taking.


1. The surface temperature is -139 c.

2.Saturn is the second most biggest planet and is a gas giant.

3.It has a small rocky core covered with liquid gas.

4.The rings are made out of millions of ice crystals, some are as big as houses others are small as specks of dust.

5.It has many moons that surround it like Jupiter does.

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