The Moon's Importance

Adela Rojas
6th Hr.

The Moon's Role

The Moon plays a very important part in our Solar system, there are many things that involve the Moon. Tides, Phases and Eclipses are some of the happenings that involve the Moon. Therefore, these three things affect us on Earth as well. Lets go find our more!

Moon Phases

Moon phases are very important in Earth. Moon Phases are referred to the shape of the illuminated, shiny, portion. Also, moon phases occur due to the moon's orbit around Earth. Earth has phases due to the moon's orbit around Earth. Which means that human beings see a moon phase each night, except the full moon. Moon phases affect us on Earth due that each night it changes the view from earth. Also it affects life on Earth well because the moon is practically the Earth's satellite.


There are two types of tides neap and spring tides. Tides occur because of the gravitational pull of the moon. How tides affect the Earth is due to the low and high tides like for example, if you are in a beach and there is a low tide then you can build a sandcastle, but on the other hand if there was a high tide then all the water would wash away the sandcastle.


There are two types of Eclipses, Solar and Lunar. A Solar Eclipse is an eclipse in which the sun is obscured,hidden, by the moon. A Lunar Eclipse is an eclipse in which the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth's shadow. Eclipses occur when an object our in outer space, like the moon, hid the light that hits our planet Earth. Eclipses affect the Earth because when an Solar Eclipse happens on Earth then there is no light. Instead there is darkness. When a lunar Eclipse occurs the earth blocks the moon from the sun because they are in alignment, arranged in a straight line, with each other.


These are all examples of why the moon is important in our Solar System. It's important because the moon controls the tides, eclipses, and moon phases. If moon didn't exist at all the Earth would spin very fast due that its without its orbiting moon. In that case that's why the moon pulls on Earth's oceans because of the moon's gravitational force.

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