What is Puppet Pals?

Puppet Pals is an animation/storytelling app, with a variety of educational applications.  

The app itself is free, but you can also purchase the Director’s Pass ($4.99), which allows you to download and use a wider choice of characters and backdrops, including any future content.  There is also Puppet Pals 2 (which is free) and Puppet Pals 2: School Edition ($9.99).  I don't have either of the paid versions.  The free versions have plenty to work with.

Is it hard to use?

Puppet Pals is very simple to use.  So simple, that it can even be used in the elementary classroom.  However, although simple to use, it is a highly effective app for the high school classroom.

To use Puppet Pals, you select characters, settings, and a title; and then narrate a story while animating the characters and props using your fingers. You can create your own backdrops and characters using pictures from your Camera Roll, and export the finished video files to iMovie, YouTube, etc.

Watch the tutorial video below

How can I use Puppet Pals in my classroom?

  • Create short instructional videos
  • Storytelling, News Reports, Historic Retells, etc.
  • Formative Assessments - learners can record audio as a reflection/response/feedback and easily share the with their teacher.
  • Help reluctant public speakers present to the class
  • Help ESL students practice their fluency & language skills

Check out the examples below from Mr. Caussey's and Mr. Shropshire's classes

Mr. Caussey's Examples
Mr. Shropshire's Examples

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