Rotation 10


Session 1

In session one I learned some basics and definitions in genetics and explored the history it had to offer. I also constructed a model of a DNA molecule.

Session 2

In this session i began to explore the process of mitosis and meiosis. I then continued on to experiment with combining chromosome pairs.

Session 3

This time in rotation 10,  i began to investigate how dominant and recessive genes combine. Also in this session, I determined genetic notation and stimulated the generation of offspring from different parent genotypes.

Session 4

In session 4, I used Lego bricks to simulate alleles.  Following that, i combined alleles to produce offspring. After all of that, I calculated the probability of producing certain offspring.

Session 5

First in session 5, I learned about sex-linked traits. Later I analyzed genotypes and phenotypes of a dihybrid cross and and simulated my own to produce offspring.

Session 6

in this session I learned of the ways genetic research is used in modern society. Also, I viewed situations involving  the effects of genetic research and discussed their risks and benifits.

Session 7

In session 7 I used LEGO bricks to simulate a population of tree frogs. Also, I  explored the effects of natural selection. Finally I explored the effects of environmental changes on a given population to conclude rotation 10.

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