My School Holidays

Where I went for my holidays: On the holidays I went to Apollo Bayfor a week. To get to Apollo Bay it takes about four and a half hours. When my family and I made the beds when the beds were made I got changed into diffrent clouthes to go out for dinner at the little pub there. For dinner I had a Mexican parma with chips.

On Tuesday i slept untill 9:39. When I woke up my step Mum and my Dad were gone but they left a not on the bench. They were down the street getting food for the day. After breakfast I went to the skate part for about two hours i was knocked out for 30 secounds in Apollo Bay skate park. When I got home Dad took  me straight to the hospital and they said i was fine but i need to have tablets.

I went to a wild life park. an hour later we went back to the car and then we went to see the 12 Aposles on Wednesday.   

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