Mobile Apps for Teaching!

Here are a few apps that will work great from K-12...

With our world becoming more mobile and technology based our classrooms are in need of adapting to these changes. There are some incredible applications available to our students to enable their learning to become mobile too! Not only is this sort of learning adapting to our students nomadic lifestyles but they are also fun and very useful tools for learning!

Here are the Apps!

#1. Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPadBy, LLC

I believe that students having constant access to a dictionary app, such as the one listed above, allows for learners to always have the capabilities to learning new vocabulary in their lives and school work. For example, if a student is assigned a chapter reading from a text, website, or novel and they come across a word or concept that they do not understand they can easily check their mobile dictionary app for the definition. This will then promote better understandings and comprehensions of texts, and a continuously growing vocabulary!

#2. Toca Store By Toca Boca AB

This is a great mobile educational app to encourage students to play around with during free time found in class, bus ride home from school, or even incorporated into lessons! This application has students learn how to buy, sell, and trade items to learn how to manage money! Addition and subtraction skills are developed through this game. This game is fun and very mobile for learners. Encouraging students play this game as homework rather than assigning work sheets will the best thing to ever be assigned to them. These mobile apps allow educators to assign games rather than homework and if that doesn't get our students excited to learn then I don't know what will!

#3. Match-Up Math By My Turn Mobile

Match-Up Math is a great math focused learning game that is designed into a mobile app allowing learners to virtually have access to this fun challenging game anywhere anytime. I have found through my own experience as a student and learner that math is not always the funnest subject to study and practice. Usually its too hard and learners who are not strong at this subject tend to give up and avoid anything that resembles typical mathematic problems. However, with these new great apps that literally changes a typical, boring mathematics work sheet with this fun and challenging game that students will be encouraged to practice and play with this app! Math can be seen as fun and something that may not even truly resemble what learners know as math homework but rather a fun and challenging game that really enables students to learn.

#4. Explain Everything ™By MorrisCooke

This mobile application is a fantastic multi-purpose technology based app that allows students and even teachers the ability to create screencasts, whiteboard presentations, and so much more! Students can allow their creativity to flow with this application. Also it truly meets learners where they are at on their mobile devices. Students can create their presentations right on this app and fill it with all the information they can find and display it beautifully with the many tools available through Explain Everything! Students can now explain everything just the way they want to and anywhere they want to with this easy to use application for any subject they find appropriate!

#5. Lifecards - PostcardsBy Vivid Apps

An amazing tool for creating digital post cards to your own design, photos, and text. Have students create post cards for a project to display what they have learned in regards to a history, science, or a novel study lesson! Very easy to use and again is a mobile app that can be downloaded to any device that is most accessible to the learner so they can work on their creative postcard where ever works best for them!

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