My Legacy

Hannah Moss

I think my classmates see me as being smart and creative, and a little shy. I try to express more of my emotions to the public, although it's easier to do in art or writing. I think my family sees me as a creative, artistic and inspirational person, who knows a lot about the world around me. I like doing art, and I express a lot of things in my art, such as my feelings, emotions, humour, ideas, and how I see the world.

If I were to show a different persona, it would perhaps be someone who is a lot more talkative, and not so aware of the area around them. I think this would be the opposite to what I am.

I think the legacy I will leave at Allan Drive will include my art and writing, such as the Thunderbird picture I made in grade 6, and the stop-motion animations I've shown in class. I've also made a lot of clay things in art class and art club, and I've written poems and short stories.

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