Caterpillar Life Cycle

Caterpillars come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Scroll on to find out where the caterpillar comes from and how he eventually turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Caterpillars begin as little eggs, laid by butterflies on various plants. Usually you will find them on the leaves.

After the eggs hatch, the caterpillar is very hungry. As you see above, he goes in search of yummy leaves to eat to fatten himself up before his great sleep.

Once the caterpillar has eaten enough, he builds a chrysalis out of silk that comes from his own body. Once he covers himself with the chrysalis, he takes a long rest. During this time, his body begins to transition into a beautiful butterfly.

After some time, usually a few weeks, the butterfly is ready to emerge from the chrysalis. Remember, he is no longer a chubby caterpillar, but rather an elegant, sleek butterfly.

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