About a week ago, we were told to use makey-makey's to create some sort of electronic device. I forgot to take a picture of mine, so instead I will just document the experience.

First receiving my Makey-Makey was surprising. It was complex with many cords and copper wire and all this conductive stuff I do not feel like describing. I was also surprised that despite how fancy it was, the name was anything but fancy. Honestly, you'd think some guys from MIT would think of a more creative name. Is there some scientific and/or metaphorical meaning of the name that my mind did not grasp? Nevertheless, my journey with Makey-Makey began.

I love Play-Doh, so I used it to create controllers. I connected those to the arrow sections on the Makey-Makey. I then used the arrows to play a variety of games which made me forget about this Tackk I was supposed to publish. Ah, distractions.

If I could describe my experience with Makey-Makey in one word, I'd say pretty cool. I think it's interesting that in this day and age, we can conduct electricity from just a little board and some alligator clips.