Let's go to Arabia!

So you're traveling back to Arabia in 600 C.E.? You might want to know a bit about this very different time period and the environment of the hot, dry desert.

Here are ten helpful tips for surviving the desert in 600 C.E.:

1. In the desert, you need water, of course. In Arabia, when people traveled through the desert, they would travel from one oasis to another. At an oases, there is plant life, shade, and water, which was perfect for a tired traveler, their camels, herds.

2. There are mountains in Arabia. Lots of people who live in the mountains made there house out of mud bricks.

3. When traveling, use camels! They can go a long time without water!

4. In Arabia there is The Coastal Plain. It is 5 to 40 miles inland, and has several dry riverbeds. Rain also falls regularly.

5. If you are in the mountains be prepared for cool temperatures and frost in the winter.

6. Also, people who lived in the mountains would grow melons and pomegranates.

7. At The Coastal Plain, people built deep wells, canals, and dams.

8. People would also dig wells at oases.

9. Any animals will provide wool for clothes.

10. People traveling through the desert often would have tents.

11. Make sure your time machine is in great condition before traveling!

Have a great time in 600 C.E. Arabia!

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3 years ago

All photos are from Google Images and info is from the textbook!