London: my dream city

Located on the River Thames,London was founded as a communication centre by Romans,after they invaded Britain in 43 AD .Noisy, vibrant and truly multicultural, London is the capital city of England and one of the biggest and busiest cities in Europe.Tradition and modernity combine perfectly in a city which has known how to preserve its great architectural heritage. The Victorian and medieval past coexist easily with modernism of its reliable means of transport and its shopping destinations.

The main reason I like London is because it is a cosmopolitan city , rich both in history and culture. One of the most noticeable features of London is its unpredictable weather,oscillating between heavy rain, thick fog and scorching sunshine within the space of minutes. When visiting London , one particularly  marvels at the incredible reliability of the transport system,including double -decker buses, the underground,trains and the famous " black cabs".

On the other hand, London is one of the world's most fashion conscious cities which explains the abundance of clothing shops on Oxford Street and the significance of Harrods, its most exclusive shop. But, if you are not interested in shopping,you will find many cultural offerings such as museums,exhibitions,night clubs,theatres, art galleries,etc.

Besides, not only is London a place to buy or to go out but also a place to look at famous landmarks and buildings,ranging from the Baroque St. Paul's Cathedral and the Gothic Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

There is something very special about this last place,because according to a survey carried out in 2008, Big Ben is the UK's most popular tourist attraction. The name of the tower which houses the clock is often confused : its real name is "The Clock Tower". Although the largest bell in the tower is known as "Great Bell", its nickname "Big Ben" is much more well-known.This imposing icon of London chimes every 15 minutes and is illuminated when Parliament is in session. It is really famous by its punctuality, being adjusted every year with an old British penny: if the clock is fast, a penny is added to the pendulum and if the clock is slow, one is removed. In fact, the idiomatic expression "putting a penny on" which means to slow down,comes from there.

So, if you want to see the world in one city ,where it is possible to find people from nearly every nation, culture and religion, London is a must and it is well worth a visit at any time of the year.

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