By: Madison Sahl

How your Chromebooks Work

Hi my name is Madison and I’m going to tell you all about your Chromebooks.

1.The first step is to get your Chromebook make sure to carry it with two hands, because it will break easy.

2.The second step is to turn your Chromebook on, and type in your username and password.And you might have to you type in the letters, and if you do then just type in the letters that you think they are.

3.The third step is to click on the bottom right and push on the head to take your picture.

4.After you take a picture you are done with the logging in progress.But there is still a lot you need to know.

5.So I am going to tell you about the safety of your Chromebooks.First you need to know that your Chromebook is very fragile, so if you drop it will probably break.

6.Next you need to know that if you accidentally leave something in your computer, and you shut in then you screen will break.

7.Now I am going to tell you somethings you might need to know about your Chromebooks.First of all if you want to (and your teacher says it is be okay)then you can change your wallpaper.And how you do that is to press the right corner and hit settings,then hit set wallpaper and then pick the one you want.

8.And every day your Chromebook should be charged.

9.Also your parents will have to attend a meeting about the Chromebooks, and pay $40 for insurance.

10.After your parents attend the meeting then will be able to take it home.Now if you want to buy a skin (a case for your Chromebook) that will be okay,but you just can’t put stickers on your Chromebook or anything else that will stick to it because you have to give back your Chromebook at the end of the year.

What would happen if ....

If you are suppose to be working you switch to games like cool math when the teacher is not looking, then the teacher will probably find out and will lose the privilege and your trust with your Chromebooks.

If the teacher says to put your lid down and you don't put it down when your teacher tells you to, then you will probably get your Chromebook taken away, and have to use paper and pencil.

If you don’t plug in you Chromebook when you are suppose to , then because you decided to do that your Chromebook will be dead and you will have to plug it in when you are working.

If you are listening to music when you're not supposed to and listening to inappropriate music, then you will have to clip down or get your music permeation taken away.

If you drop your Chromebook on accident , then your Chromebook will probably break but don’t worry the school will get you a new one with the $40 your parents sent in.The Chromebook has a keyboard.And

Chromebook v.s I Pad

The Chromebook is maybe a little heavier than a I Pad .And the Chromebook has a skin,

and the I Pad has a survivor case.A I Pad has a keyboard on the screen, and the Chromebook has a keyboard on the outside.

The I Pad is lighter than the Chromebook.Both are electronic, and they

both let you research and ,let you at the same time.

Both are easy to carry,and you can use them both for school work.

Things we can do with our Chromebook

Well first of all we can do more things with Chromebooks instead of paper and pencil.And if we have inside recess then we don’t have to play board games, we can play on our Chromebooks, and listen to music.And if we have to use computer we don’t have to go to the computer lab.If we have home work then we can do it on our Chromebook instead of on paper.And if we need to ask our parents something important we can email them, but you have to ask your teacher first.

What to do if .....

1. If your Chromebook dies  

  • If your Chromebook dies when you are working then you can plug it in while you are working.
  • Or you can use a paper and pencil, but I think that your teacher would rather you just plug it in.

2.If after you plug in your Chromebook you have a black screen

  • That means that you either did not plug your Chromebook plug in to the wall all the way, or you did not plug it all the way into your Chromebook.
  • So next time make sure you have all the way plugged in, and how you can do that is by making sure that the light on the bottom is green or yellow.

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