The bully and the victim

I were a part of a group of friends  would put an end to it because i don't like when people getting bullied speaking from experience because its happened to me a whole lot. they would start to take advantage of you then they will say they would your friend and the next day they make fun. Here's the messed up part when you start to get popular they want to hang around you or they will start to copy the way you look or just hold a grudges for they whole life. But i would them stop them.

A Facebook Post Can Hurt Too...

if me and  my friends witness this bullying ,but do nothing about, the message i would send to the bully "that everyone isn't perfect and can't be perfect which means that you don't have to bully them to feel bad just because they get better grades or that they wear what you can't wear". Somethings that me and my friends can do to act socially responsible by standing up and saying what is right something positive. if my friends and i were to stand up about bullying I think that our school will about bullying(In other words bullying might stop in our school.). To support our classmates the message I would send out is that" We all can friends. Short or tall, smart or dumb, we still are still the same. Even if some of us don't play sports or don't pick a book and enjoy it doesn't mean that they are partly different which means we can't be the same.