Tips on how to do it:

1. Acknowledge what your fear is!!


         When you are faced with your fear, breathing slow and steady will help you in the moment. It allows you to calm down and analyze what's going on.

3. What is the worst thing that can happen?

          Think about it, what is the worst thing that can happen when facing your fear? most of the time, it is something that is mostly in our head. In reality, nothing much will happen that can harm you. So next time, think about it!

4. Face them!

              The only way to get comfortable with your fears is to face them as much as you can. It is going to be hard at first, but as time moves on you are going to get comfortable with them!

5. Do research about it.

                Find out online what the meaning of your fear is, why do you have it? once you figure this out, it will be easier to go to the root of the problem!


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