By Nicholas Thompson
and Nathan Phillips

This is Atlanta Georgia it is in the Piedmont region.

The piedmont region.


There are many places to visit in Georgia like Turner Field or Six Flags over GA. or you could just go to Atlanta.

There are many things to do in this region.
This is a very popular thing in this region. It is the Georgia aquarium


There are many businesses in this region in fact that is why there are so many people in this region. Delta Air lines is a big help to industries like Coca Cola and many other important companies. Businesses use Delta to ship products off and branch out to new cities.  

Delta is one of the largest airlines. It helps transport people and products.

Geography and Physical Features

The terrain in this wonderful region is made up mostly of rolling hills.  There are also decent amounts of trees and rivers.  There are three physical features that make this region great to live in and visit.  The first one is the Fall line that runs along the region's southern border.  It is a series of waterfalls.  The second is the Chattahoochee river.  This river runs along the western side of the Piedmont region.  The last feature is the Savannah river that runs along the eastern side.  It is great for shipping products towards the Atlantic ocean.

The Piedmont region is located in the middle of Georgia.

This is the map of the region. Come visit now!


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