William Tecumseh Sherman

W.T. Sherman.

Also known as "Uncle Billy" he was well liked by almost everyone and made a great soldier/general.  He led his men into battle instead of just watching and commanding.    He was pretty close friends with general Grant.

This Guy Is Awesome.

He took part in some major battles like Shiloh and bull run.  Proving himself to Lincoln and other military importance.  

First Battle of Bull Run.

At one point in the war he had seniority over U.S. Grant!  

W.T.S always looks like he just got out of bed.(and many of his pictures it seems he must be doing something with his hands.) He also Was wounded multiple times in multiple battles (oddly he took many shots to the shoulder.) and had three horses shot out from under him.  

Sherman's Atlanta campaign and March to the sea was his idea of "hard war" (like total war) he got permission to march three armies of a combined number of 95,000 strong down through the southern states to Florida (burning all military/government buildings in northern Alabama and Georgia.) headed to Florida with and army of 60,000 strong he continued his march.  

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