Xtreme Ice Skate Park
By Kamden Viverette

Business Description

Would you like to visit my business on Neptune? The name of my business is Xtreme Ice Skate Park. What would I sell I would sell hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows.  The reason I would create the Ice Skate Park because Neptune is a ice and water planet.  All in all Neptune is a good place for businesses.

Pricing Page


hot chocolate                                                                                 $2.75

roasted marshmellow                                                                  $3.00

roasted coffee                                                                                $3.00

popcorn                                                                                          $4.00

chips                                                                                               $1.50

candy                                                                                             $1.00

nachos with chili/cheese                                                           $6.00

nachos w/o chili                                                                          $5.00

hot dogs                                                                                        $5.00

pizza (slice)                                                                                  $3.50

sodas (coke product)                                                                 $3.00

bottle water                                                                                 $2.50

                                    Public Session Admission
(Admission does not  include skate rental)

Adults      $8.00 (ages 14 through adults
Youth       $7.00 (ages 6 through 13)
Child         FREE (ages 5 and under is free)
Skate Rental     $3.00
*Group Rates are available upon request   
*Birthday parties starting at $149.00

                                         Persuasive Paragraph

                                                                                    243 Plant Ln
                                                                                    Neptune, Solar System 1528
                                                                                    January 27, 201
Dear Customer,

  You should come to my ice skate park.  The park has free hot chocolate and we will bring it to you.  We are also open 24 hours so you can skate all you want. The kids can get in free. The adults only have to pay $4.00 to get in. All in my skate park is the best park ever.