Kith and Kin

By: Michaela Staffin 5th Hour 4/6/14

It's not an object,

or a thing.

Nor a place that comes to bring

the happiness that you receive

when you stride through the hilly plains

of this

Yes, no

Up, down

Zig, zag

Yin, Yang

Battle every day.

Allied in war,

they are effete


in the time that passes


the ticking clock

as the seconds beat to the

sound of your heart.

When the war is done,

your heart leads you to

what you want,

what you need,

most of all.




A celebration

that passes by

so quickly

as if you could not see it.

You wait for it

to approach again

like you favorite horse on the carousel,

but you only have one chance

to grab the pole,

clip in your foot,

and ride the ride,

then it will be lost forever,

not to circle around again

for a second chance.



the rock you skipped across the water,

the rough waves trying to stop it,

but you still hope it finds its way

to the other side.

Eventually, however,

it will sink,

and will be renewed

in a cycle of time,


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