Glenn Nøstdahl: Hitting the Slopes

Glenn Nøstdahl is the Financial Strategy Manager at Entecho, a leader in producing innovative flight technology, including flight control avionics and software, composite technology, and Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis.

He is also an active outdoorsman who loves nothing more than hitting the slopes to get in some ski time. Since his days in his native Norway, Glenn Nøstdahl has relished the sensation of gliding down the side of a mountain, surrounded by snowcapped peaks; he says that it is one of the great pleasures of his life, and that there is nothing else quite like it.

It is not uncommon for Glenn Nøstdahl to find himself out skiing with those with a lot less experience than he has. He urges them to hit the bunny hill first, those easy, gently sloping beginner hills, where the novice skier can get a sense of what it is like to be on skis. He reminds the true beginners to take it slow at first and to wear a helmet, because chances are they will fall down more than once until they get the feel of it.

There are a lot of things to have on hand for a day on the slopes that might not occur to a beginner, such as sunglasses and sunscreen. Skiers always need them during the day, says Glenn Nøstdahl, but they are especially important on sunny days, when the glare off of bright white snow can be blinding, and exposed skin can burn just as easily as if it were a day at the beach during summer.

He is a great believer in safety first, and says that the most important skill to learn is how to slow down and stop. Skiers who are unable to control their speed pose a safety hazard to themselves and to those around them. The easiest way to control speed and stop is a position called a snowplow, where the skis are in a V position.

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