Lamarcus's Music Memory list

W.C. Handy

W.C Handy lived from 1875 to 1958 and he lived a hard poor life. W.C Handy, which is abbreviated for William Christopher Handy, was interested in Guitar but his father was a minister so he only wanted his son to play gospel music. When Handy saved enough money he went and bought a guitar with his last few pennies from work. When he brought the guitar home to his father he yelled and ordered him to take it back instantly. William was a good student and enjoyed school. William heard music from the sounds outside and to him each animal played its own instrument. One day, a musician wandered around William’s town and offered William his old battered cornet for 1.75 William had to take the offer no matter his father’s rage.

When W.C Handy was 40 he had a growing family of 4 kids and a wife Elizabeth. W.C. Handy became the father of blues when he published “St. Louis Blues”. Handy earned over $4,000 for “St. Louis Blues”. When Handy was 84 a film was had of his life, but Handy was too sickly to go. Handy could not see due to his illness but he enjoyed the music and dialogue.

I love the blues because blues does not have all the cursing and inappropriate and negative language. Also the blues is a peaceful type of music that calms you down when your upset or feeling bad. I wreckamend the blues for people who don't feel good about themselves.

Carl Orff

  • He was given a small drum.
  • In 1923 he founded a school.
  • Between 1931 and 1942 Orff created his stage work.
  • In 1944 the school was closed due to political pressure.
  • When Carl Orff passed in 1982 at the age of 87

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