Before We Begin

We will be relying on the use of QR codes throughout the day.  If you do not already have an app the reads QR codes on your smartphone or tablet, download one now.  There are hundreds to choose from, but our favourites are Qrafter (for iOS devices) and QR Code Reader (for Android devices).

Practice scanning this QR code.

Learning Goal

Our goal for today is to expand our understanding of how teaching through inquiry can help to meet the needs of 21st century learners, and engage students in the rich technological environment of our modern world.

Share your Learning

Throughout the day, you are encouraged to share your thoughts and learning on Twitter.  We will be using the hashtag #PeelNTIP, so keep checking the stream often to see new updates from the group.

Survey the Room

This survey has been created using PollEverywhere, an online service that lets you survey an entire room using cell phone text messaging, or through a specific web link.  This tool is a fun (and free) way to engage students in your lessons from time to time.

Assessment Overhaul

Question Generating Resources

Blendspace is a great online tool for curating a variety of different resources into one spot.  This is a great way for students to post and reflect on the resources they came across during their inquiry research.  In our Blendspace below, we have brought together a series of resources that might help you develop inquiry questions for your courses.

The link below will take you to the online versions of your curriculum.

Pop Quiz!

Kahoot is a fun and engaging way to quiz students.

From Consumption to Creation

For the afternoon, you have been given time to play and explore a series of tech tools that support you and your students engaging in the inquiry process.  The following links will give you additional information on each of the tools.  Feel free to come back to this page any time to revisit the links below.

Tech Tools Posters

All of the tech  tool posters from the session are available to download from the link below.

Even more detailed information is provided in the specific sections listed below.

Learning Resources

Click the link to explore the Peel Library eResources, Twitter, and more effective Google searches.


Click the link to explore Microsoft OneNote and the ForAllRubrics website.


Click the link to explore Educreations and Explain Everything.


Click the link to explore Lync.

iPad/Web Tools

Click the link to explore Canva, ThingLink, Popplet, Blendspace, Haiku Deck, and Storify.

Exit Ticket

Click the button below to write yourself an email that you will receive at a future date.