The Pantheon is completed by unknown architects

By: Sander Ham

The Roman Pantheon

Rome, Italy

         The architects that decided to remain anonymous have finally completed the Pantheon. Yesterday, as some of us know, this incredible masterpiece was dedicated to the Roman gods. Finally, after two years it is now open to the public.

        The Romans who built the Pantheon got some of the styles from Greek architecture and from Mesopotamian architecture. For example, the arches inside the Pantheon were from Mesopotamia.

         The building of the Pantheon was made possible by the use of concrete, because without it the building would have collapsed. In the lower levels heavier materials were used, and in the higher levels lighter materials were used. Some local citizens think highly of the Pantheon.  "The Pantheon's detail and intricate designs are so amazing, and I am surprised that the architects that made this building were not announced," stated one.

        In the Pantheon's ceiling there is a hole, and it is believed that the architects used that hole as a sundial. The Emperor stated, " I believe that the circular hole in the roof was used to tell the time of the day or even the year because these Roman architects are getting very smart."


The inside of the Roman Pantheon

Roman art and sculpture secret unmasked

Rome, Italy

        Roman artists have been "creating" paintings and statues that are surprisingly magnificent pieces of artwork. As it turns out, these artists have been using ideas the Greeks had and just changing them a little. For example, Roman painters have been getting inspiration from Greek paintings, and Roman sculptors have admitted that they are making smaller replicas of Greek statues. For all of this time,  Roman artists have been getting most of their ideas about what to draw or make from the Greeks.

A Roman scuoptor's work

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