The Case of the Missing Principal

By:Romeo J.,and Brayden T.

The Crime

The crime is the principal had been kidnapped.The crime was at Southview while he was walking down a dark hall because the lights were out.When they figured out he was kidnapped the teachers yelled "Oh No" and sent all of the kid home..After all of the kids went home the teachers called the police.When the police officers came they said "how does a principal get kidnapped while school is going on"!

Then teachers said they didn't know.

The police searched the building and they didn't find anything,any weapons or anybody. So the police went all around the school looking for the principal. But there was still no sign of the principal. The cops gave up after while for the day. The next day they sent four cops to the scene were it happened. So now there are four police officers at the school searching for the principal while school is still going. This is the time when the two detectives come in. detective Rambo and detective No Joke.Rambo and No joke begged for this case so they got it.When they got to the school the first person we went to talk was the janitor.

When we talked to the Janitor he said "I was in the basement asleep on the couch".

When we got down there we didn't see a couch but all we saw was pipes. We got up out of the basement to go talk with the janitor. When we walked up to the janitor something went BANG! It came from the closet. When we went over to the closet, we opened the door, it was just the janitor. Some of his supplies just fell. But still no sign of the principal. The next day the police were still looking for the principal.So the next day went to talk to the Super Intendent and he said " Iwas in my car eating donuts".Then we went to talk to the assistant principal and see if she knows anything.

She said that she does not know were he is. When we looked around the principal's office. There were no clues. Then we looked around the assistant principal at her office.

The next person we went to talk to was the teacher.She said "she was teaching her class on the 7th grade hallway."So when we walked away we herd a loud THUMP, in a closet so we went to see what it was.When we got down there we opened a closet door and it was the P.E. teacher.

The P.E. teacher said that "he was in the closet because he had lost his keys" but when we took him out of the closet all we saw was jump ropes and basketball.So after we talked to everybody that was near the crime we went back to the car and thought about who could have done it and we were right. The next day the two detectives were walking down the dark hallway. When we were walking we heard something , it was like a big BAM, it was coming from the P.E. closet.

Meet the Detectives

Detective: Rambo

Tall he can be intimadating all he has to do is give you the look.He is tall, 25

Detective: No Joke

he will not mess around and he will get the job done. He is 30 years old. He is always serious.

The Puzzling Question:

Who kidnapped the principal?

Suspects # 1

The Janitor:dark brown ,tall ,35

Motive: Because he dosen't get paid enough.

Alibi: He says he was in the school basement sleep on a couch.

Suspects # 2

Super Intendent :light brown,Short,fat 27

Motive:because she dos not like the principal

Alibi: He says she was in her car eating dounts

Suspects # 3

Assistant Principal:she is short,nice,40

Motive:because she wants to be Principal

Alibi:she was watching over a student is ISS

Suspects # 4

Teacher:She is mean,medium strict,45

Motive:because she has an issue with him

Alibi:she was teaching her class

Suspects # 5

P.E. Teacher:tall,cool,29

Motive:Because he wants him to die

Alibi:he was in the P.E. closet looking for his keys

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