by Case Temple and Austin Loper

Paraphrase:your feet stink

Why it is an example: a simile uses like or as and this has one in it

Other devices shown: rhyme

Paraphrase: The stars are very bright and beautiful

Why it is an example: it says twinkle twinkle little star a lot

Other devices shown:

Paraphrase:Mary found a mouse

Why it is an example:it rhymes a lot

Other devices shown:rythm

Paraphrase:the birds need sleep

Why it is an example:it sounds sing-songy

Other devices shown:rhyme

Paraphrase:Her room is not clean

Why It Is An Example: a lot of the words start with c

Other devices shown:rhyme

Paraphrase: It is hard to write poetry

Why It Is an Example: You cant actually mine for poems

Other devices shown:alliteration

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