Recycling Saves!

Recycle and Do Your Part to Save the Earth!

Define the Problem: Trash is Ruining Habitats and Harming Humans

Did you know that every year, Americans throw away enough paper and plastic cups, forks, and spoons to circle the equator 300 times. Americans live in a world where much of what we eat, use, and buy is being thrown away at an alarming pace. We need to do something about how much trash we throw away every day!v vgk

Too much trash can also lead to problems with our water, soil, and animal habitats. Animals can be harmed by the trash that does not get recycled properly. Trash can pollute our water and soil and make us sick as well.

Current problems in Missouri with trash, polluting habitats and harming animals.

Discover: How Did We Get Here? Using Too Much, Not Recycling Enough

Today, we use too much stuff and we do not use it properly. According to Missouri Recycling Association, "Missourians generate 6.15 pounds of waste daily, which is 37 percent above the national average of 4.5 pounds." This is not only sad, it is causing a lot of harm. We need to do something about how much trash we produce. I have a dream! Keep reading to discover my dream world!

Dream: A School Where All Students and Staff Recycle Everything!

Currently, Shoal Creek does not do the best job at recycling. We took a walk around school and took some pictures of things that were not being recycled. Below are pictures of water bottles, paper, and other recyclables that were thrown away in trash cans. When recyclables get thrown away, they end up taking up space in landfills, and creating more problems for our community.

Look at all of the things that were NOT being recycled at Shoal Creek!

I am have a dream where Shoal Creek recycles 100%. We need to recycle paper, plastics, glass, ink, and electronics that we do not use any more.

Design: My Plan

1. Students and Staff get together to create a recycling team.

2. Recycling team meets before school one day a week to collect reclycling around the school, provide recycling bins to teachers and classrooms, and to help the school become more eco-friendly.

3. Any fourth or fifth grade student is allowed to join the group at the beginning. Once the group is large enough, it can be broken down into smaller groups and then certain people can be in charge of plastics, paper, glass, batteries, composting, etc.

4. Shoal Creek will work with the community recycling center and Deffenbaugh trash center to get the materials and bins needed to become better at recycling!


Trash is ruining habitats and harming humans. We need to recycle to cut down on the amount of trash we produce and the amount of trash that ends up in the environment. My dream world is that Shoal Creek would help in cutting down in the amount of trash our community produces by recycling everything we have! We would cut down on the paper we use and recycle the paper we do use! We would recycle the plastics, glass, and cardboard we use and not throw it away! My plan is to start a recycling team with staff and fourth and fifth grade students before school. We would not only collect recycling once a week from all of the classrooms but we would also work with the community to bring in bins and help to recycle better at our school. We must do something now or the world that we will live in will be a world full of trash, pollution, dead animals, filthy water, gases in the air and who knows, maybe a world underground like the City of Ember. Is that the world that you would want to live in? Do your part, RECYCLE!!

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