Barras Bravas and the end of the party !

Barra Brava is the name that people call to the football fans in Chile and they belong to certain groups. The most important Barra Brava called "Los de Abajo" who is a big organization related to Universidad de Chile Futbol Club, and this club is my passion since I was child. Throughout the game, the fans singing, jumping and including other exciting performances. It really is a great carnival, but it also has dangerous situations.

Unfortunately, there were violent members who were responsibles of vandalism acts inside and outside of stadiums. Due to these actions, the Chilean Government established a law called "Ley de Violencia en los Estadios" in order to punishing the violence and protecting the rest of fanatics. Also, this new law has forbidden to use posters, pyrotechnics, musical instruments, etc., and it has caused the "death of the show", so go to the fooball games today is unattractive.

Today, several Chilean Barras Bravas are asking to the Government to slack the law and to allow the party come back to the stadiums soon. It is very important to feel the magic again!

By Patricio