King Rent

King Rent Luxury Car Hire

King Rent

A luxury car is very important of an exotic holiday experience and King Rent offers you that valuable experience. They offer best Europe luxury car hire service. Their experts provide complete assistance to your needs.

Company Overview:

King Rent is one of the reputed luxury car rental service providers in Europe. This Switzerland based company has exclusively focused on finest European holiday or business experience. Their mission is to provide luxury at affordable prices. They provide services in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and France.

King Rent has all variants including SUVs, cabriolet, sports car and executive cars of all luxury brands like Aston Martin, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Porsche etc. They offer a custom service which allows clients to pick-up and drop-off their car anytime, anywhere in Europe. And their main aim is to offer Europe luxury car hire services.Apart from this, King Rent also offers motorbike rental and tour, private flights, Yacht charters, classic car rentals and tour. They also give special emphasis on security of customers by offering bodyguard services on customer’s request. This makes them different from other car rental service providers. King Rent always looks after their customer’s requirements.

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