by zack wood



highly transparent glass with a high refractive index.

i broke my moms crystal at thanksgiving because i droped her glass by accident .


def. consisting of or resembling sinews

he had sinewy hands from lifting weights all the time .


def . physically strong; muscular

the guy was super brawny and he could lift 500 pounds at one time .


def. a Beneficed member of the clergy; a rector or a vicar

the parson was in the church helping fix the banister .


def. beaten out or shaped by hammering.

the iron was wrought out of shape and it made this really cool shape


def. a buttock and thigh considered together, in a human or animal.

the haunches of a dog stay in the air most of the time in till it sits down.

The dog could not sit on its haunches if it was running because that is it butt and it stays in the air when running.

Yes you should expect the weight lifter to be brawny because that means strong.

I would expect a weight lifter to have sinewy hands from lifting weight all the time .

Yes if the glass was made out of crystal it is breakable because it is so fragile .

Yes a parson would likely be found in the church because he helps out with the church and keeps everything straight .

Yes and no it is usally made by hammering but it can be just bent by hand .

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