K-12 mLearning Options:

Vocabology: Could be used in a classroom when introducing students to vocabulary tests. Vocabology offers different levels of difficulty, synonyms, example sentences, and quizzes.

King of Math: Could be used for students doing math exercises instead of mad minutes. Offers different levels starting off with basic addition and subtraction and going up to statistics and equations.

Essay Writing Guide:  Gives students references to writing essays, allows them to have support right at their fingertips and without a teacher spending class time to guide students through the entire essay writing process.

Grammar Up: Allows for students practice their grammar skills. Could be used instead of giving out notebooks and is also more interactive.

SpellingCity: For younger students to have interactive spelling tests that are done on their mobile devices. The app also offers many different learning games for students who prefer to stray away from the traditional spelling format.

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