Agents of Socialization That Shaped Me

By Sophia Mustric


My family has helped me grow into the person I am today. They shaped my character. They taught me manners. I have grown up into this family that is tight, and friendly and loving with each other. From a young age I have attended church, because they know that will help me understand values and being kind. Through putting me in church, and camps, and activities, they have shown me working with other people. They have taught me basic  human socialization. My family has shown me moral characteristics that became ingrained, and made me who I am today.

Happy family
Family of Four, holding hands

I added this map, with the pin point of Gahanna. That is where my family has raised my whole life.


A huge part of socialization is school. That is where a majority of your peers are. A very big part of what you learn is through school. That is because in school, is where you start getting your experience, and experience is what molds us as people. You learn how certain subjects work, and then you gain knowledge on those things. In middle school, we had to watch the Channel One news every day. That is where a lot of my modern common knowledge came into role, which is something you need for conversing about common things with a lot of people. School, in general, helps you gain people skills and studying habits and everything needed to carry you on to the next year, and to make you a normal person.  

I added this map, with the pin point on the address of the school

Peer Groups

Peer Groups are a big part of the way you act. Why, you ask? You naturally adapt to the way people act around you, considering they are the ones who are surrounding you. It's the way it is, we go with the flow, we start differentiating when we start finding ourselves. My friends have a huge impact on the way I have acted. My friends enjoy going to the movies, so I go to the movies a lot. My friends talk about school and nature and work, so a lot of my topics of conversations involve school, nature, and my job. My friends are very nice and ask how my day goes, and so I bring that back and always ask them how their day went! They way we talk is similar, and the way we dress is usually similar.

This is a song explaining friendship

Mass Media

Mass Media shapes the way people act. People see what is going on, and conform to that. Like I said earlier, a tendency of humans is that we go with the flow. I grew up watching funny cartoons that made me smile. What I got from that, is a goofy sense of humor. I grew up watching The Simpsons, also. Who knows, maybe I learned some things about family and acting certain ways from that show. The radio has influenced my taste in music.  I do not think that social media has influenced me as much, because I truly do not care about other people at my school so there is no reason for instagram or twitter or facebook. Other than that, mass media tells me what I can wear to fit in or certain slangs that are "cool" for the time being.

This video shows a girl bragging about her Ugg collection. Because of this video, people may want to purchase this type of shoe, because this girl (and you wouldn't believe how many videos there are just of girls with their boots) have these "awesome" types of shoes.

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