Catcher in the Rye Reading Log
Logan Penning

Chapter 1 & 2

"If you have to know the truth. I'm quite a heavy smoker"(Salinger 7).

Chapter 3 & 4

"It was very ironical. It really was. I'm the on flunking out of the goddam place, and you're asking me to write you a goddam composition"(32)

I feel like this quote is foreshadowing something. That Holden will be the unlikly hero that ends up fix whatever the problem is. He is the anti hero and this quote shows how he is made to look like a villain, but he will end up saving the day.

Chapter 5 & 6

Ackley and his room always had a acrid sent to it. The august composition Holden wrote for  Stradlater was amazing yet Stadlater was very angry about it. Holden was not indulgent to stradlaters demands so he got beat up. The informtion Holden told us about his brother seemed irrelevant to him, but to us it is importants that we know that he had died. This chapter seemed ton r a nocturnal one.

Chapter 7

When Ackley tells Holden that one day he will get his head knocked in one day is he foreshadowing to the end of the book?

Chapter 8

why does Holden always lie to whoever he talks to? Does it have to do with something that is happening in his family? How and why is he such a good lier?  

Chapter 9

Do you think Holden is just covering up his love for Jane through have relations with random women he barly knows?

Chapter 10

Do you find it strangle that he constantly complains about how Ackley can't catch a hint that he wants him to leave yet when the girls clearly are trying to get him away from them he has no idea of it? Why do you think this is?

Chapter 11

Do you think he is lying when he is talking about he is such a good golfer and was almost in a short film, but conveniently deside he did not want to? Why do you think he is so compelled to lie to us?

Chapter 12

Why is Holden always so hostile towards everyone he knows and meets?

Chapter 13

When Holden is calling himself yellow what is he saying about himself?

John Green

1.Holden just wants to stay a kid and is trying to figure out a way of not having to grow up.

2. Holden is looking at time as if it's a straight line that stops until the end were he realizes it is like a clock it goes aroubd and around.

3. Holden hinted at us that he had been sexually abused.

Chapter 15

How do you think he will overcome this depression he keeps talking about? Or do you think he will be depressed for the rest of his life?

Chapter 16

Do you think that his little sister is the key to his happiness?

Chapter 17

How do you think his end with Sally will making he feel about other girls?

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