Nicole Roman

Photography Portfolio

Magenta In The Ground

On a vacation trip to Puerto Rico we came across these bright and voluminous plants that highlight their color with interesting shadows within the leaves.

Things Are Looking Up Now

The peaceful scenery of the atmosphere caused for a pretty pastel calming pictures. this was taken in my backyard right  a cloud was passing and i just happen to look up.

Vintage Floral

Arrangements were made for a quinceanera that was in the olden era's so i decided to take it a step farther by changing the color to black and white.

Beauty Hidden Behind Nature

Many say nature is beautiful, and i don't disagree but I do believe that the people inside the art that is nature do finish the master piece.

Trapped Inside Society

You can't defeat your demons in the place they were born. For many school isn't fun or a happy place so they carry that around and see there environment differently, but truly underneath the darkness there is a light that's trying hard to be seen.

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