Software Engineer

By: Lily Scott and Urvi Alamela

Software Engineer- the study and application of engineering to the design development, and maintenance of software.

Math Involved

  • simplification of equations
  • plotting of graphs
  • solving equations
  • modification of equations
  • substitution of equations
  • matrix operations
  • statistical operations
  • numerical operations

Similar Jobs

Systems Engineers

Software Developers


Software engineers are designing technology for computers, tablets, and smartphones. As computers get smarter there is less of a need for as many software engineers.

Lily's Thoughts

I knew that math was used in creating software, but I didn't know how much of this math I knew how to do. I would like being able to create something that could completely change a person's everyday life for the better. I would dislike the pressure of getting every last detail correct.

Urvi's Thoughts

I found it interesting that you can create things on the software. I didn't know that science is also used a lot in software engineering. I would enjoying getting a good wage and doing math everyday.


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