Why You Need to Market Apps

The Reasons

There have been many discussions over internet where experts discuss on how one should market their mobile apps, but there are not much articles on why you need to market mobile apps. In this post I will pen down some of the points that will help you understand need of marketing apps.

Crowded Store

With thousands of new release every day, Google Play and App Store host billions of apps now. Even it is not only companies even US govt. is offering apps for various needs. Smartphone user can spot few thousand of them browsing stores’ various categories, billions of apps are still unseen by them.

People tend to download apps that they came through buzz more than surfing store and installing them. Generating this buzz need marketing.

App for Everything and their Alternatives Too

Form quite some time the phrase “there is an app for that” has changed, now “there is an alternative for that too” has been added to original one. Market your features before someone else does it.

Suppose your mobile application development company built an app with super awesome features but you didn’t market it. Taking opportunity of same another app company made a clone with same features and concept under their banner, additionally they market it well. Since, the concept of app is great it became a hit and generated millions of download, your app will get lost and you cannot get the credit, popularity and downloads even if you file a case later. Market your apps before someone else monetize from your concept.

Monetize from Your App

Mobile has become a great platform to monetize. People worldwide use smartphones and at an average they use over 70 apps for their need, there is always space for one on their device if they are your targeted audience.

If you have marketed your app well and occupies space over user smartphone, it will generate business for you. Now a days people prefer to work from their mobile devices and apps are the reason for same, if they have to do something that your app offer they won’t search for other service, they simply access your app on their device and complete the task, improving brand awareness and returning customers.


Having an app for your business is not all you need to do, you need to market it with a strategy to make money out of it.

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