Jahnavi Belsare

Persuasive speech

People should not abandon their animals. My opinion is important because animals are living things,like humans. They need things to survive. I care about animals because they need to be cared for. I also care about them because they are have feelings. My opinion matters because sometimes need help from humans.

You should not abandon animals because they are living things. They have feelings. When you abandon animals,they don’t have a home. When you throw out animals,it’s like throwing out someone in your family. Your pet is part of your family.You don’t say “I will abandon you” to someone in your family,do you? You also shouldn't hurt your pet. That would be like hurting your family.You don’t want to hurt your family,do you? Your pet is in your family.

You should not abandon your pet because it needs to be cared for. They need food.Sometimes your pet could starve. They might not find food to eat for days! Your pet also needs water.They could be thirsty for some time. Your pet also needs to be clean. If you abandon A long-haired animal,it will have a lot of dirt and other stuff like that in its fur. Your pet will need to find shelter too.Your pet could get badly hurt.If they get really badly hurt,they would have to see a vet quickly but no one would know so they wouldn't call a vet.

doesn't get the things they need, they might not survive! If you don’t want your pet you should take it to a shelter. At the shelter your pet will be cared for.You could also give your pet to someone you know. If your pet is somewhere safe and it gets hurt,it will have someone to look after it.

You should not hurt or abandon your pet. You should remember that animals are living things. Not abandoning your pet is important because then your pet has a home.