By Mara DeValkenaere

I went to Tennessee this summer we stay at cabin in the mountains really high up. And we were really close to Dollywood and splash country. We did the alpine coaster zip lining  rafting cade's cove where we saw five black bears one cross the road and then later through our trip we saw a mom and three little baby cubs and the three cubs climbed the tree all at the same time. And we also went to the lumberjack feud show where I won a cookie well they call it a cookie but it was a piece of wood and my brother asked me "Mara are you going to eat that whole cookie and I said Chase it's a piece of wood and he saw never mind". We also went to wonder works the outside is an upside down building and inside it is really cool there's all kinds of stuff a bed of nails a hurricane storm there's even a spot where you sit in a box and they shut you in and you go flipping around like an inside roller coaster it was really fun I loved my trip to Tennessee.