Madhu Koneru's Business Commitment with Indian Power Companies

Madhu Koneru is Determined to Make Indonesia as a Major League Coal Area. “There is every reason for MEC to proceed with its plans in Indonesia. Whilst there may be disruptions, as seen last week, Indonesia is fundamentally very sound, with political and economic stability resulting from the competent leadership of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. We remain undeterred by last week’s event and have absolute confidence in Indonesia’s future and the clear growth potential for the coal industry.“

“Indonesia is the place to be when it comes to major league coal production because it has vast and largely untapped coal resources which benefit from a strategic location in relation to China and India – the world’s two major epicenters for coal demand. In fact, Indonesia’s largest coal reserves are found in Kalimantan.”

“However, having large reserves of coal is just half the story. The right infrastructure must co-exist in order for there to be true economies of scale so that coal can be brought to market at the best quality and the best price. From that perspective, the development of the railway and the loading terminal in East Kutai is critical, and must continue,” said Madhu Koneru.