‘I Have A Strong Passion For Fashion’

My name is Tochukwu Michael, I am from Abatete in Idemili North Local Government area of Anambra State. I am the last child in my family.

Did you study fashion designing in school?

I read Economics in the university. However, along the line in the pursuit of a career in fashion, I decided to go to Aba school of fashion. Aba School of fashion is generally where you learn from different tailors, not one or two but many.

What motivated you into your chosen career path?

I have a strong passion for fashion. I have always loved clothes, in fact as a young adult I always designed what I wore. However, the turning point in my decision to go in to fashion was after I did the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). I couldn’t secure a job, so I made up my mind to start something from what I have always loved which is designing.

What has kept you going on all these years?

I must say it has been God almighty. He has continuously given me inspirations for new designs and also the strength and the zeal to work harder.

When was the first design you made and how much was it sold?

I can’t really remember. The only thing I remember vividly was that it was for a couple and they even called me and thanked me for making a beautiful dress for them. They must have gotten a lot of praises for putting on the dress. I felt very happy after the call.

How can you compare the fashion industry now and when you started?

The Nigerian fashion industry keeps growing every day. All over the world, models strut the runway wearing beautiful clothes designed by Nigerian designers. It keeps improving every day.

Do you use local or imported fabrics for your designs?

I use high quality imported Italian and native fabrics. Because I love fashion, I sometimes model my designs and other times I allow other models to showcase it. I do not do it alone. I work with my sister who is my production manager. I also have other staff.

How do you intend to make your design label a world class fashion brand?

It is a gradual process but we will surely get to that stage where Asandrea Collections will become the best label in the World. Recognised and worn all over the World by all and sundry.

What is your message for aspiring future designers?

My advice to them is that they should always follow their passion. Secondly, it might not be an easy road but be yourself, be creative and always commit your business into God’s hand.

Any trends at the moment worth following?

The native wear trend. People should always appear in well-tailored native wears. It will make you to look smart and attractive and it also promotes our culture. It is selling the Nigerian fashion sense globally.

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