any of the distinct types of material of which animals or plants are made, consisting of specialized cells and their products.

The 4 types of tissues are:

muscular, epithelial, nervous, and connective.


Muscular- The functions of this tissues are aiding the body in movement, flexibility, pumping of blood, digestion, brain activity, and breathing movement.

Epithelial- transportation of materials and protection of underlying tissues

Nervous- transmit nerve impulses

Connective- provides structural support for the tissues and organs of the body


Muscular- skeletal or cardiac muscle

Epithelial- cell shape and arrangement

Nervous- neurons ad neuroglia

Connective- holds body together

Specializations of epithelia:

the movement of fluids over the epithelial surface, providing protection and lubrication

the movement of fluids through the epithelium, to control permeability

the production of secretions that provide physical protection or act as chemical messengers

Examples of where these 4 types can be found:

Muscles- towards the bones because their job is to move the bones

Epithelial- Respiratory system and the skin

Nervous- brain and spinal cord

Connective- bone and cartilage

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