Inheritance journal part 2 4/7/15

  • Identify the words and phrases that you highlighted in your reading related to inheritance. Rewrite them here. What do you notice about them? What do they all have in common?"
  • He picked my grandmother....her name was Berniece ..... Same like Berniece
  • What do these words and phrases tell you about the importance of this piano to the family?
  • I think nobody really knew what they looked like and the one who carved it made them up from what he remembered & them are the only images they have.
  • What is the conflict in the family regarding the piano?
  • Half want to sell it for the land others are  demanding that it stays but they both kinda have the same reasons for doing what there doing💯 Because all are trying to keep the dads life with them.
  • In your opinion, should the family keep or sell the piano? Explain your answer.
  • Before watching the clip the second time I thought the should sell the it and get the land but that was only because yesterday I really didn't pay attention to it. Today when I really watched it and also read it, I believe that they should keep it because there's pictures of the dad the mother & other important times. What can they really do with the land anyways?

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