Prisoners in Chains

General Washington had brought the horrible treatment of his captured soldiers to the attention of the british general William Howe in 1776. Washington was trying to get better treatment of his soldiers who had been imprisoned. He pointed out how inhumanely the treatment was for his comrades and was very displeased


In the book, Chains, by Laurie Halse Anderson, the way that slaves are treated is much like General Washington claimed. For example, "“Girl”, she spat." This shows she has little respect for Isabel and treats her poorly, much like the British have little respect for the prisoners and treat them poorly. Then as said by Washington, “are treated in a manner shocking to humanity.” The prisoners are treated in a way that is very, very wrong and bad, much like slaves such as Isabel and Curzon. This picture represents the horrible ways that both slaves and war prisoners were treated and bound. They couldn't leave, they were treated with no respect and no mercy or justice. They were hurt and bound as they cried tears of pain. This picture speaks for them.

My primary source was from chapter 36. To listen to chapter 36 press the button below-