Mrs. Vande Hei's Newsletter
March 23-27th

Three days before spring break and old man winter decides to pay us a visit? That's the beauty of living in Wisconsin. As adults, we may not like the weather, but I bet your children loved playing in the snow; especially because it was packing snow! As Elsa said, "The cold never bothered me anyways."


Your children have been working extremely hard on their reading strategies. They are all becoming better readers because they are using their heart word knowledge, phonemic awareness, and stretchy snake to help them figure out some pretty tough words. Keep reading with your child 20 minutes a night and talking with your child about the story. Ask them, "Who are the characters? What is the setting? What is the problem? Can they name some of the events in the story? How is the problem solved?" Make sure they understand the book they are reading to you or the book you are reading to them.

Do You Smell Soup?

This week, we read about Peter Rabbit, a naughty rabbit who didn't listen to his mother and went out on an adventure and got lost. He found a lot of yummy vegetables which made us want to make some of our own vegetable soup. I was very proud of all the kids for trying something new!


In math, we continued to work with math partners for 10 and writing number sentences. We are still working on addition facts and subtraction facts up to 10, so please work on those flash cards that were sent home in the family folder a few weeks ago. If you don't have those, you can make your own! We have also been doing surveys and making a lot of bar graphs together!


We are learning about our seasons and the weather that occurs during the different seasons. The kids will need to know the order of the seasons when we do our assessment. There are a lot of videos and songs out there on Youtube! (We have watched a few and the tunes are quite catchy!)


*Humpty Dumpty Eggs due at school on Wednesday, April 8th. Parents may attend. (Noon start time.)
*School resumes on Tuesday, April 7th.

Have a Fabulous Break!