Way Side Waifs

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History of Way Side Waifs

Way Side Waifs started in 1940 to prevent animal cruelty but soon turned in to a shelter. Fenby Webster was the lead contributor. Way Side Waifs pet memorial park was founded in 1946. They have been a non-profit, no-kill shelter ever since. During the flood of 1951 Way Side was out trying to find all of the abandoned animals. In 2012 they opened a veterinarian clinic. And that's the latest Way Side history.

Adoption Process

The Adoption process takes 30-90 minutes depending on how many pets you are adopting and how busy they are. You must pay a 20 dollar adoption fee along with the cost of the animal and the vaccinations. Every adoption comes with vaccinations, Leukemia test, Deworming, coupon for Science Diet food, one month of flea, parasite, and heart worm prevention, and a 'adoption tote' for cats. You can get packages to start off your cats or dogs toy collection by getting the toy package, make sure your cat or dog always comes back by getting the I.D. package, or to keep your home tidy with the home package.These packages can vary if your getting a dog or a cat. This is the adoption process and every thing you need to know before adopting!

Wayside Waifs Memorial Service

All profits from this service go directly to the shelter. The memorial service is directly behind the shelter and over looks the cemetery. Pet Memorial Park includes the Top of the World, Peaceful Meadow, Cedar Shadows and Companion Field. You can contact them to get your own memorial service at (816)-986-4406 or email at cemetery@waysidewaifs.org.

Wayside Cares

Wayside Waifs keeps found pets at their shelter and put them up on their website. If you lost a dog or cat in that area , hopefully it ended up at Wayside. Be sure to check every day if you lost your pet. Wayside rescues more than 6,500 abandoned or abused animals each year. In the Fall of 2011, Wayside Waifs' Animal Rescue and Response Team responded to a call from the Andrew County Sheriff's Department to help with an animal hoarding case. In two years these kind of calls increased. Wayside waifs has partnered with dozens of shelters, animal welfare and law enforcement agencies that saved thousands of animals from bad situations. From Human Society to ASPCA, Wayside Waifs have partnered with them.

After Adopting

Wayside let's all people hold and play with the animals if they're interested. Thanks to this, pets are very social afterwards. If you have a guest then your pet should not be afraid of them. Even though they might seem shy they would be used to it. So feel free to invite because your pet will not fright!

Some Animals

There are plenty of animals to go around at Wayside! Here is some info. about them...


Hi! I'm Carly! My Trainer describes my as a sweet, playful lab mix. I am 7 months old and I play rough. I LOVE kids but i don't think a child under 5 years old would be good for me. I transferred to Wayside from another shelter and I love it here but I still need a forever home. Come take me home today!


Hi! I'm Shadow! I am a lovable, sweet, and shy cat. I am a 4 year 1 month old female black cat. I love giving cheek rubs and head buts. I came to Wayside from another shelter and I love seeing the different people who almost adopt me. But I would love even more if someone adopted me and took me to my forever home! Come take me home today!


Hi! My name is Diamond and I am a 1 year old 8 month, black and white, male kitten. I am a very independent, but I love to be petted. I will need an experienced owner because I can be nippy and finicky at times. I love people and get excited when I go in to new environments. I was rescued off the street and brought to wayside! I know I'll get my forever home soon! Hopefully it can be with you!


Hi! I'm Hazel! I am a 3 month old male black lab! I am a playful little pup! I need someone who is willing to work with me on my puppy manners and my obedience training. I learn quickly and I want to learn as much as possible. I need a patient owner. Hopefully I will find my forever home soon. Maybe with you!

These are my kittens that I adopted from Way Side Waifs



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