I Can't Breathe.
By: Mason Murphy

Out here livin’ my life
Not always doin what’s right
I’ve made some mistakes
But was it enough to cost me my life.

In haste
I was misunderstood
By who we thought were there to protect us
But now have caused us so much grief.
Maybe it was the area I lived.
Or the family I came from
But was it enough to cost me my life.

I tried to stop it
But barely even saw it coming. None of us did.
Me and Mike in our teens
Eric in his 40’s
Aiyana not even ten.
States apart but now in the same place
Was it enough to cost us our lives.

We all fight for the same cause now
And were not the only ones.
We might not be able to fight down there
But i’ll always know someone will be.
You might think they can’t hear us down there
But rest assured that we now and forever will be.
In memory of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Aiyana Jones, and Eric Garner.

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