Rock Tank

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rock Tank?    

Rock Tank is a show where inventors pitch their ideas to rich investors. Our main investor is John D. Rockefeller. He is known in the show as our "shark". What usually happens in the show is the inventor pitches his idea and Mr. Rockefeller either invests in the company or doesn't.

When does it come on?

Catch up on our show on Fridays at 6:30 pm! To watch our most recent episode scroll down to the bottom of this page under the map!

Who should watch this?

Definitely not little kids because they won't understand it. We made this show to appeal to young adults or adults.

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Cast from the last show

Where are we?

                                                         We film in Hollywood, CA

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3 years ago

Hey guys! Just filmed a great episode! Check it out!