Purchase about Home Contents Insurance for Singapore

Select the appropriate family and property insurance is not only related to your assets, and choose the cheapest price. The insurance company will design different insurance products, to meet a wide range of user groups, so you should ensure that you end up buying insurance is to cover you. When you plan to buy a home contents insurance Singapore -


home, you should consider some things, here are some tips that should help you.


In general, the maximum amount of insurance policy and the value of the project covers, if you have a specific asset exceeds the standard value, then the police will not protect them. You should be considered separately for their insurance, if they encounter an accident, you can get compensation.


If you leave the place a long time, you may lose your insurance policy. If you work in the field of long-term, more than two months, the insurance company will check your situation. You may need to go to the insurance company to extend the period of insurance coverage, don't forget.

3.Insect pests

Termite and bug is a serious erosion of the family property of the pests. Termite and bug damage is usually not in the scope of protection of home contents insurance Singapore. The insurance company is not including these pest control, to ensure the construction safety is the responsibility of the owner of the house. The owner should periodically check the house of health, for the house to check and control of plant diseases and insect pests, hiring a professional.


The insurance company of the natural disaster destroyed the house types have very strict rules, including the extent of the damage and the types of disasters. You should make sure that their policy on natural disasters in the purchase of insurance before they know about the definition of disaster and conditions of compensation. If you live in the city, and your house is flooded, you may not get compensation.


If you work at home, you should buy a separate business policy. When you work at home had an accident, you can get compensation.


We are living in the information age, although many insurance personnel outside to run the business, but we don't want to be disturbed. Goods than three homes is not only help you to find the best price, but the understanding of insurance coverage. Some discounts and privileges can also be found on the network, and the network application of insurance may receive a discount.


Not all of the home contents insurance Singapore is covered in the house pet damage, therefore, you should check the insurance company policy. Check your insurance company for your pet bite broken chair sofa is responsible for. By the way for some pet insurance, buys insurance for your pet. The dog was an old may need to replace the joint. Pet rats may be the neighbor's cat as food.

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