Comparing and Contrasting Computer Systems.

~This is just a basic computer. That is used for anything really, from using the internet to organizing documents.

~ The monitor type is a(n) HP brand.  Screen size:

~You want to have plenty of RAM to store data and documents.

~The price of a computer depends on what software you get preloaded on it.

~ The types of software vary on price from how good it works, the brand and how up to date the software is.

~So it cost anywhere from $300.00-$1,000.

~And it also depends on where you get the computer and tower because some stores sell them for different prices.(( EX.) Wal-mart may sell a computer and tower for $300.00 and best buy may sell the same computer for $599.00.)

~I prefer to get a normal computer and tower system over a gaming system only because you can play video games just as well on the computer tower just as the gaming tower. And you can do more on a normal computer tower. like get on the internet and more.

A gaming system, specially made to withstand hours of use. The tower looks like a normal computer tower, but its made for a different use. This particular picture does not include a monitor because, you can use a regular computer monitor. And you also want to be sure the tower has a lot of ROM so you can have enough space to save your place in the game your playing. Some gaming towers have up to 5 usb ports but it also depends on which one you get. Some games already are pre-downloaded onto the tower by the maker. These towers can cost anywhere from $50.00-$300.00 all depending on what software and what gadgets you want on it.

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