The 21st Century Self-Learner


1. How do we get our students to find purpose in the lessons we share with them?

2. How do we create a student-centered environment?

3. How can we use technology as a critical thinking tool versus an aid in the classroom?

Purpose in Our Lessons

"Teachers in every strata of education are increasingly dealing with a student population that is not only more wired than they are but also grew up in a techno-drenched atmosphere that has trained them to absorb and process information in fundamentally different ways. This generation of students is more likely to be armed with cell phones, laptops, and iPods than with spiral notebooks and No. 2 pencils."-- Josh McHugh on the 21st Century Leaner

  • Planning
  • Engagement
  • End in Mind

A clearly articulated purpose focuses instruction; provides students with an answer to the question, “Why do we have to learn this?” and allows for assessment of outcomes. Simply said, establishing the purpose of the lesson facilitates student achievement (Marzano, 2009).

Student-Centered Classroom?

Simple- Remove the Teacher from the Learning!

  • Using Technology and Social Media as a bridge.
  • Student Self-Advocates
  • Teacher as Facilitators

Technology as Critical Thinking Tool

  • Utilize technology to make our students search for information.
  • Incorporate technology as a collaboration tool.
  • Use multiple types of websites (Web-Quest) in order to facilitate learning.

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